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How to Use Our Service


​Select lunch box from your desired store

  • Please check the delivery times and regular closing days for each store.

  • Select your preferred store and products (ordering from multiple stores is possible).

  • Orders are accepted until three days before the delivery date.


☆ We are currently running a campaign with free delivery charges.


​Enter shipping address/payment method

  • After adding products to your cart, please enter your delivery address, desired delivery date and time, and choose a payment method.

  • For payment by bank transfer or invoice (corporate customers only), please contact us through the inquiry form.

  • The delivery area is within a 10km radius of the store.


Order Completed

  • After confirming your order, we will email you with the total payment amount and order confirmation.

  • Changes or cancellations to your order are accepted until three days before the delivery date.

  • Please be aware that a 100% cancellation fee will apply if the cancellation occurs less than three business days before.

​Wide range of usage scenarios

As a catering service specializing in vegan and halal food, we can be used by a wide range of purposes, including groups of tourists visiting Japan, travel agencies, international conferences and forums, etc.

​We aim to improve awareness of food diversity such as veganism and halal in Japan, and to create cultural exchange and promote cultural diversity.

Sightseeing in Japan to see cherry blossoms
Entertainment situation
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