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​What is ZENDELI?

ZENDELI is a catering service that provides a variety of meals, including vegan, vegetarian, and halal food for Muslims, mainly in Tokyo and the metropolitan area.

It can be used by a variety of people, including vegans and vegetarians, the increasing number of Muslim tourists visiting Japan in recent years, businessmen from Europe, America, Australia, ASEAN, and the Middle East, as well as various international events and sports tournaments.

First please feel free to contact us.

​Wide range of usage scenarios

From tourists to international conferences and entertainment, etc.

It can be used in various scenes.

​Flow of usage

We will briefly explain the flow of use.

​Please check the next page for more detailed usage instructions.


​Select store and product

Please check the delivery time zone/order deadline/regular holidays of each store and select the store/product of your choice. ​ (It is also possible to order products from multiple stores.)

Please note that we would appreciate it if you would consider the delivery range to be within 10km of the store.


​Enter shipping address/payment method

After adding the item to your cart, please enter the shipping address, delivery date and time, and payment method.


If you would like to pay by bank transfer or invoice (for corporate customers only), please contact us with your order details using the inquiry form.


​Confirmation email

​After completing your order, we will automatically send you an email, so please check the content. ​

​Store available at ZENDELI

  • Q What payment methods are available?
    Credit card payment (Visa, Master), bank transfer, and invoice payment (for corporate customers only) are available.
  • Q: How many people can I order?
    There is no limit on the number of people (number of meals), but we may not be able to accept your order depending on the amount spent and the delivery location.
  • Q How many days in advance should I make a reservation?
    Please let us know your rough plans one week in advance, and the final number of people at least three days in advance.
  • Q How far can you deliver?
    The normal business range is approximately 3 km radius from the store location. For customers in areas beyond this range, we will accept reservations on the premise of orders of 20,000 yen or more. For deliveries to long distances, additional shipping charges may apply.
  • Q: How much budget can I place an order?
    We strive to accommodate our customers' budgets. If you are only proposing food, we ask that you consider starting from around 1,500-2,000 yen per person. Please feel free to contact us.
  • Q: Is it possible to make changes after the order is completed?
    You may be able to change your order up to 3 days before the scheduled delivery date. Please contact us as soon as possible using the contact form. Please note that if you wish for immediate delivery, changes cannot be made after the order is completed.

​Q & A

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