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​Privacy Policy

privacy policy

As SINAN Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Company) handles the personal information of many customers in the course of its business operations, it is our responsibility to protect and manage personal information, which is at the core of our business activities. We reaffirm this and declare that all employees will work on the following items.

  1. Our company will acquire, use, and provide appropriate personal information. Furthermore, we will not handle personal information beyond the scope necessary to achieve the objectives of each business, and will take measures to do so.

  2. Personal information will be managed strictly, and data will not be disclosed or provided to third parties without prior consent. We will also take appropriate measures to prevent unauthorized access, loss, falsification, destruction, and leakage of personal information. Additionally, in the event of an incident or accident such as a leak, we will promptly respond, investigate the cause, and take corrective action.

  3. We will comply with laws, government guidelines, and other norms regarding the handling of personal information held by our company.

  4. If we receive a complaint or request for consultation regarding the handling of personal information, we will investigate the content and endeavor to promptly process the complaint.

  5. We will continuously improve the personal information protection management system regarding the management system and mechanism related to personal information protection.

Handling of personal information

[Name or name of business operator]
SINAN Co., Ltd. Representative Director Yuta Saito

[Personal information protection manager]
SINAN Co., Ltd. Representative Director Yuta Saito

[Purpose of use of personal information]

● Your personal information will be used to respond to inquiries and communications, and to provide business execution.
● Customer survey information will be used to improve the usability of our website based on impressions after using the service (unless we have received special permission, we will use information that can identify individuals such as company name, name of person in charge, etc.)

will not be published)
a. To provide this service and other information related to this service.
b. To confirm the user's identity
c. Creating and using statistical information on this service to the extent that individuals cannot be identified d. Exercising rights and fulfilling obligations based on contracts, laws, etc.
e. For after-sales service and responding to various inquiries.
f. To prevent use in a manner that violates the terms of use

[About personal information disclosure, etc.]

Our company receives a request from a customer to disclose the personal information (notification of purpose of use, disclosure, correction, addition or deletion of content, suspension of use, erasure, and suspension of provision to third parties). In such cases, we will respond within a reasonable range after confirming your identity.

[Notes on keeping personal information]

The content of personal information we keep is optional, but if required items are not filled out or if the content is inaccurate, it may hinder the smooth provision of services. Thank you for your understanding.


[Acquisition of personal information through a method that cannot be easily recognized by the person in question]

Acquisition of personal information through methods that cannot be easily recognized by the individual, such as by using cookies, web beacons, etc.

We have not done so.

[About personal information security management measures]

Regarding acquired personal information, we will take necessary and appropriate measures to prevent and correct leakage, loss, or damage, and to safely manage personal information. Personal information received in the course of outsourced work will be handled based on the outsourcing contract after the outsourced work is completed.

Update date: October 15, 2023


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