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A luxurious shrimp tempura bowl lunch box with plenty of volume using three large pieces of shrimp tempura.
Filling Lunchbox with three big prawn tempura over fluffy rice. Very gorgeous lunchbox.
(Ingredients used)
White rice, shrimp tempura, vegetable tempura, thick-fried egg, boiled root vegetables (carrot, burdock, pumpkin, etc.), ohitashi,
Halal rice bowl soup, Halal soy sauce, caster sugar, Halal sukiyaki sauce, Halal tempura powder, salt, sesame oil
(Raw materials)
Rice/ Prawn Tempura / Vegetable Tempura/ Japanese style omelette (Atsuyaki-Tamago) /Simmered root vegetables (carrot, burdock, pumpkin etc.) / Boiled Vegetables / Halal soup/ Halal Soy sauce / Superfine sugar / Halal Sukiyaki sauce / Halal Tempura flour mix / Salt/ Sesame oil


● Lunch boxes will be delivered refrigerated, so please be sure to warm them up before enjoying. If you cannot use a microwave, please choose a heating container. ⇒A "heating container" is a container that uses steam to allow you to eat a hot lunch anytime by simply pulling the string. Since no flame is used, there is no need to worry about fire.

● The bento box will be delivered in a refrigerated state, so please ensure to warm it up before eating. If a microwave is not available, please opt for a self-heating container.⇒ A "self-heating container" is a container that heats up the food using steam just by pulling a string, allowing you to enjoy a warm bento box at any time. As it does not use an open flame, there is no risk of fire.


Wet towels, disposable chopsticks, forks, spoons, toothpicks, hanging paper (lunch box instructions) *Heatable containers come with instructions for use.


Wet towel, disposable chopsticks, fork, spoon, toothpick, wrapper (description of the bento box) * A usage instruction manual is included with the self-heating container.

Special Prawn Tempura bowl of rice, Bento

Sales Tax Included
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